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With the growth of the RPing world that has evolved out of theatrical_muse there has developed a few different 'universes' where muses/pups play. Many of these are based around the actual fandom of the pups, ie, LOTR (Spring of Arda), Babylon 5, Boston Legal, Star Wars etc etc etc. Also, there came about the straying_thread where pups/muses from all different Miscellaneous Movies/TV Series/real life/mythology etc have ended up... gathering? Also the community realitytrax.

So, many who play have become a 'community' and as such some rather interesting storylines have developed, and characters have evolved, in some cases into something totally different to what they started out as! :)Plus interesting OC (original characters) have grown.

While there are specific places/comms like tm_lucid (BDSM bar), unitingkingdoms (based along lines of an Irish pub), and lustville (adult store with a difference), there has been nowhere that a pup can just meet 'new' faces. (especially a new pup who doesn't know anyone, or perhaps pups from different 'fandoms' who would like to interact but are not sure how/where) So to give them somewhere they could just randomly go for a walk in Central Park and hopefully meet another/a new pup also out for a wander, or a stroll along Broadway to take in a show, and bump into another pup also looking for some theatrical entertainment cityneversleeps has been established. There are a myriad of things that pups who are not in specific storylines could do to meet other pups, especially new ones, who are looking for just some interaction. Or pups who've been around for a while and are looking to meet some new people/pups. A few pups having a bonfire night down on the beach could be an opportunity for some new or infrequently played pups to perhaps wander along and join in.

Hence, this comm - "The City that Never Sleeps". Listed below is a 'Location Guide' that lists some Locations that are 'common ground' or specific places that pups go to, can visit, or whatever. Following that is a basic 'who's who' of pups, their LJ and whatever information they sent! If you want to add yours just email it to musesmail at gmail dot com with whatever you want posted, and your LJ.

If you are looking to meet up with someone, you could use a place listed below just for fun, or you could introduce a new one. If a pup is looking for work they have some places to job hunt, or a gym to workout, or a bar or club for a drink, or whatever. ETA: This list is NOT conclusive, and will be a constant WIP (work-in-progress) so please, if your pup is not there, let us know! The list itself is almost becoming/will hopefully become a 'Who's Who' in a way, and if you would like some 'history' added, or relationship shown, again, we are only an email away, or post in the comm and we will fix it, (then 'file' delete the post) and include the info.

Anyway, hoping that this will become the central gaming comm for the world that has grown from the ficlette-writing comm known as 'TM', and all the other meta/fen comms around. (in other words all posts here in this comm are 'game' posts, all OOC threads and Meta can be in either theatrical_fen or straying_thread). And if your pups have storylines happening on their LJs that you would like others to know about you can even post a link here... And if your pup is from 'another world' but would like to be included, then just post!

Have fun everyone!

Some of the pictures used through this comm have been sourced from City Cliks - New York City page.

Empire State Building



Myrosia's Restaurant (Russian in flavour)
Ahmed's Turkish Coffee Shop
Le Tresor Noir (very upscale restaurant run by Russians, translates to 'Black Treasure', referring to their house specialty, caviar)
Red Lion pub
Charlie's Diner
Kiev East restaurant
Café Roué - gay-friendly coffee shop in the West Village
Peter Luger Steak House
The Cubby Hole
Tavern (16th century, formerly where Ranuccio worked and lived)
(under construction) Café Au Lay (part of lustville)


Luxuria (owned by Evan and Alex, managed by Ludmilla, has shrine to Baphomet)
tm_lucid (Jon - BDSM facilities available in basement)
Sanctuary (owned by Amanda Montrose, in Paris)
Paradise Club (Tess and Liadan dance there)
Circus of the Damned and Guilty Pleasures (owned and managed by Jean-Claude, Vampire Master of the City)


The Chijiru Dojo (Aeon's)
the Spa (Orlando's)
Shooting range
(under construction - Terry's Training School)


Florist shop (Callie's)
Cartier's (Amanda's FAVOURITE place to shop, esp with other people's cards!)
A little bakery
Yevgeny's antique's store/decorating business
lustville (Adult 'toy' store, Cal and Finn)
The Forefront (art gallery owned by Alex)


The Square
Central Park
park in front of the diner
Bellevue Hospital

Radio City Music Hall - left

LOCATIONS AND PUPS (who they are, where they might be found, or live, or own, or whatever! This will eventually have links to all pup's LJs too)

Amanda Montrose- amanda_montrose - lives in her apartment in Manhatten with her lover, Terry (tr2_sheridan). Owns a club, Sanctuary (in Paris), she also has an apartment above it; a villa in Greece, on an island; an apartment in Toronto; house in England; Croft Manor.

Amy North - amy_uncensored - penthouse in Manhattan.

Atia atia and Cupid 5min_freestyle - Cupid and Atia have a temple at an undisclosed location, but is open to those with no ill intentions should they seek it. Cupid has ties with Baphomet/Pan(playful_goat) and Aeon, and spends some time in the city, while Atia is there every chance that she can get.

Tyler Durden - (rps_rpg_addict) - has Hell's Kitchen apartment; Alex's old entire 15th floor apartment (for him, Ix, and the children); an entire second floor rented out for Fight Club in the Garment district above a bar.

Jack - tylers_jack - apartment in Harlem given to him by Evan.

Liadan O'Reilly - exotic_erotica - shares small apartment with naughty_tess in The Village.

Buffy - diedalittle - A fairly big house with porch, not in the city proper, near the forest and the Hellmouth. Married to ...

Richard Sharpe - stillsharpe

Cordelia - queen_c_tm - lives with Richard and Buffy, along with...

Xander - xstuffme(who is having a 'timeline trauma' having lost 6 years somewhere on the way here, and is only 18! And no, it was nothing to do with certain cookies.. that we know of... )

Evan Kasparov (aka Caspian, aka Famine of the Four Horsemen) - evankasparov - Luxuria; Myrosia's Restaurant; Ahmed's (Turkish Coffee Shop owned by Ahmed Sener and his nephew Zeki, who not so surpisingly have strong ties to organised crime); Le Tresor Noir (very upscale restaurant run by Russians who emigrated to France after the Revolution - the Black Treasure of the name refers to caviar, the specialty of the house); Yevgeny's antique's store/decorating business; Evan's main apartment, three bolt holes, a small one in the garment district not too far from where Tyler's Fight Club meets, a bigger one in New Jersey, one in Harlem; abandoned slaughterhouse down by the docks ('Baltimore').

Aeon - aeon_flux69 - owns the Chijiru Dojo; house (a warehouse near the waterfront); a hotel room she owns (undisclosed location because of all the bondage gear there); a place in the basement of the Dojo (away from the storage room and has a separate entrance.

Eldarion - eldarion_tm - lives on (and now owns!) horse farm in Conneticut.

Meg Coburn - meg_coburn - Apartment in a bad part of Queens; visits a gay friendly coffee shop in the West Village (has amazing pastries and comfortable mismatched furniture); The Cubby Hole (meets Kiddo there - a real place)

Will - ohhh_will - with his dad, mark_kosik

Orlando - orlandomuse - Owns and lives in a house on Weathergate Drive. It's a 3-2-2 with detached garage; owns the Spa with no name.

Tyler Creed - wolfen_tyler - has a huge drafty building on the edge of the city (industrial district not too far from Luxuria) that used to be a printing house. Lives in house with Selene, his 'primary mate', at the orchard. Rest of pack (Buddy, Linda, Presley, and others living in another house.)

Jimmy - the_calcium_tm - Central Park, or hangs around with Caleb, at Guglielmo's penthouse, currently catsitting Orlando's cat! (adds appropriate items to shopping list for the boys or they are sure to forget and runout)

Caleb - caleb_walks

Guglielmo - vastly_superior

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - jon_r_meyers - Lucid (tm_lucid; (BDSM bar). Lives with _yevgeny_ in Yevgeny's flat, together with his cat Noggy.

Kiddo - the_bride_tm - lives at an undetermined place in NYC, recently bought Jon's apartment as an investment; Kiev East (restaurant)

Kirill - kirill_72 - lives in apartment at Aeon's Dojo

Cory Raines - coryraines - - lives in apartment at Aeon's Dojo (Editor's note: should it be renamed Aeon's 'Halfway House for Wayward KillersPups'? ;) )

Todd Sparrow - todd_sparrow - has a loft apartment, and is a singer/guitarist.
47th Street

Callie - wild_callie - Lives at a beach house with her lovers lexiromanov and mikepinocchio; has her greenhouse, her florist shop, unnamed yet, and the beach - (Aragorn and Weps lives nearby); forest

Alex Krycek - lexiromanov - part owner of Luxuria with Evan, lives at the beach house with Callie and Mike, other flats/houses here and there, The Forefront (art gallery, Alex shares ownership with Ursula).

Mike Pinocchio - mikepinocchio - Beach house (shares with Alex and Callie), secret refuge

Terry Sheridan - tr2_sheridan - Two or three boltholes/safehouses around NYC; lives with Amanda in all her places, main home an apartment in Manhatten. Also setting up a combat skills training school in an old warehouse on city outskirts.

Clay - mute_clay - small flat

Jason Locke - mark_kosik House, local pub (Red Lion), lives with lover, eddieboone_tm

Mickey - formema - Third floor apartment next to the Dojo; his fellow gypsies (about 12 of them) are staying at on a piece of waste ground towards the outskirts of the city.

Ran - ranuccio - used to live in the Tavern (set in 1600 papal Rome) but now lives with Alec Trevelyan janus_tm

Brendan- stormybrendan - lives in an apartment, now owns unitingkingdoms (formerly known as The Lounge).

Aleksander Petrovsky - petrovsky - owns one floor of an apartment building - his flat and an atelier where he works.

Cal and Finn - callan_dean and finley_bryan - own lustville, having moved to the City (Finn's hometown) from Cal's home in Australia to buy Lustville. Live in/own apartment in Greenwich Village.

Tess Jacoby - naughty_tess - small apartment in The Village she shares with Liadan exotic_erotica and another, all three of them exotic dancers at the Paradise Club.

Dag Dexter - dag_dexter - a dog. Dexter lives with the "pikey"'s (Mickey's people) together with BB, Kiddo's daughter

Thomas Dagget - tommy_dagget_tm - lives in Arizona with Angela (a_bit_player) in the city of Superior. It was where them main events in the Prophecy I took place.

Poppy - sure_shot_honey - has a studio apartment.

Réka - woman_of_river - is the (ex)wife of civ_barbarian. She lives in LA but also rents a flat in Manhattan.

Dieter Haag - civ_barbarian - currently working out of his bank's offices (HSU Finance Corporation) just off Wall Street and living in the spacious penthouse above the offices. He is also leasing a weekend home (North Star) which is in the Hamptons in Long Island. Other homes include, a penthouse in Zurich, Switzerland and his ranch about an hour's drive away, and a permanent suite at the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong.

Cassandra - voiceofthewoods - lives on horse stud in New Zealand but has apartments in New York, London, Paris, Zurich and Singapore. Owns network of publishing houses and software companies.

Aidan Hart - aoutlaw321 - I live in Boston, at the moment, in a 2 bedroom-2 story apartment. My roommate is Death, otherwise known as endeligt. I am one of the bartenders at tm_lucid Latest Scoop!And my boyfriend has now moved in with me! Wes - lt_wes_janson has is now in the building!

Darius - on_holy_ground - lives and serves as a priest at St. Julien le Pauvre, formerly in Paris. Getting him to leave there would be a nice feat and I'd love to see someone manage it.Note: Done!

Wes - lt_wes_janson - Now lives with Aidan - aoutlaw321 those commutes must be easier with the X-wing, hey?

Face - facelorran - Garik Loran, called Face by his friends, lives in Alphabet City and is going to be a bartender in training at tm_lucid

Leonardo - leonardotm

Michael - _alienated_ - shares a 'grotty apartment in the Bronx' with Isabel.

Isabel - totallynormal - shares a 'grotty apartment in the Bronx' with Michael.

Dr Jennifer Melfi - dr_melfi - psychiatrist, rooms in a discreet but elegant building near Central Park.

Gabriel - decemberdreamer - brother to ohhh_will.

Lindsey McDonald - rattlsnakesmile - He's in a hotel right now, but looking for an apartment. *Note to self: Put that in motion*

Kiefer Sutherland - kiefer_rps and his twin sister Rachel - twins_soul have an apartment in NY. Rachel's there full time, Kiefer actually lives in LA, but he ends up in NY whenever he can get away from filming 24.
Phoebe Buffay - regina_philange has an apartment somewhere near Greenwich Village.
Nora Jacobs - nora_jacobs is currently living in Boston but she is originally from New York City. She is an assistant at Crane, Poole and Schmidt with an apartment in Boston. Nora does work on community theater productions in Boston, but she'd love to meet some new friends and visits the City on weekends for theater related purposes.

Oz - diminished_9th - Daniel Osborne, age 25, professional musician, guitarist who also sometimes composes and will teach either individuals or groups at beginner level, in his home or at a student's. (Oz would likely prefer it to be at the student's residence though that would be negotiable.). He's in Brooklyn, specifically. Is engaged to be married, living with fiance and her adoptive younger brother plus two other roommates.

Lars Renke - mortician_lars - Age 41 (after mid-May 05). Mortician, piercing and tattoo artist. Poet in his freetime. German, but living in NYC. Has a daughter back in Germany that he does care for. Needs some new friends since he's new to the city.

Remus Lupinmoonyblues – Wizard. Werewolf. Secretary. Just moved to the city from London. He lives in the apartment above Callie's flower shop. Currently letting Charlie Weasley, charred_weasley, Dragon Tamer, sleep on his couch in exchange for 'Domestic Services.'

Anson Greene (anson_greene) checked himself out early from a California criminal psych ward and is now living in Manhattan. He lives in a modest but pleasant apartment provided by his employer, Carolina Jacks (carolinagrace), on the fourth floor of the building she owns at 77th & Lexington. He can often be found bending an elbow in the neighborhood bars and pubs. He also enjoys the nightlife and sometimes prowls the clubs after dark, looking for a little action. He spends a lot of time with his adopted older brother, Vic (finishedlast), whose security firm has offices nearby.

Feel free to shout (post a new thread in here, or email on musesmail at gmail dot come if there are any changes/additions you might liketo make. And if anyone comes up with new places, if you drop us a comment here we'll update, same goes for the places yet un-named.
The Beach House